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Java Multithreading Notes From Lecture One

This is part of the notes from an online course (Java Multithreading) I’m taking on Udemy. Nothing complicated.


There are normally three ways to create threads (Examples on gist):

  • Create a class that extends the Thread class
  • Create a class that implements the Runnable interface
  • Create a Thread anonymously

Whichever we choose to use, we must override or implement the public void run method.


All Java programs have a main thread, but we can create and invoke other threads from the main thread.

To do that, we need to call the start() method of each thread we want to invoke from main thread. It will look for the run() method and run that in its own special thread, not in the main thread (refer to the App.java in the gist).

The start() method will return immediately so the main thread will continue its execution of the next line of code.

However, if we accidentally call the run() method of those threads, then the method run() will be executed in the main thread, not in its own special thread! So be careful.


Object-oriented Programming in R

The following are some excellent posts about OOP in R. Well OOP using S3. Be sure to read about the last post about UseMethod’s voodoo. Really cool.
I found a series of posts from John Myles White quite useful:

  1. The Most Basic Elements of Object-Oriented Programming in R
  2. Object-Oriented Programming in R: The Setter Methods
  3. Object-Oriented Programming in R: The Setter Methods