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Manage and Repeat Experiments

It has been painful that when doing experiments I forget saving the parameters and lose track of them when the results come out. OK, the truth is that I’m lazy and I change the parameters in code and hope that my brain can remember the difference. Well it can’t and when I want to repeat any analysis, things start to bite me back. So I searched a bit online and see if there are some good strategies out there to manage the experiments. And luckily I did find some excellent post:



In these two posts, one answer mentioned that he uses JSON files to save parameters for different experiments and when reproduction is needed, he can simply import them. Quoting from the answer: “Everything in between is just code that runs with a given parametrization, but the code shouldn’t really change much, should it?”

Since I’m using R recently, I wrote a short script that help a user create a list of parameters and export them to a JSON file. It is kind of raw but  I hope someone will find it useful. It doesn’t have to be R. You can write your own scripts in a language you prefer.

Code on github:


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