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Deep learning Note 2 — Part 2 Optimization

In the last post we talked about regularization methods to improve deep neural networks. In this week I will summarize another two topics from the course Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization: Setup up your optimization problem and Optimization Algorithms. This post is also published to Steemit under the name @steelwings.

Setup up your optimization problem

Assuming that we have defined our cost function, it’s time for us to jump right into optimize it, right? Well, not so fast. There are a few things to consider first.

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Deep Learning Note – Neural Networks and Deep Learning

I recently signed up for the Deep Learning Specialization on Cousera and have just completed the first course Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Although it is recommended for 4 weeks of study, with some backgrounds in Machine Learning and the help of 1.5x play speed, finishing it in 1 week is also achievable. In this post I just want to summarize some of the take-aways for myself and hope it also helps whoever’s reading it. If you are familiar with the implementation of neural network from scratch, you can just skip to the last section for Tips and Best practices mentioned in the course. Note that this post is also posted on Medium and Steemit under the username @steelwings.

Scale of the problem


  • On small training set, neural network may not have a big advantage. If you can come up with good features, you can still achieve better results using other traditional machine learning algorithms than neural network.
  • However, as the amount of data grows, the traditional learning algorithms can hit a plateau while the neural network’s performance keeps increasing. The larger the neural network, the larger the increase.
  • As the neural network grows, it takes more resource and times to compute. Many innovation on the neural network algorithms were initially driven by performance requirement.

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