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ElasticSearch Fielddata Configuration Tuning Part 1


We have an ElasticSearch cluster that is running fine most of time. However, occasionally our users can submit heavy queries that add a lot of load to the cluster by accident. They typically include aggregations (on scripted fields and/or analyzed fields) over a large period of time without any filters to narrow down the search scope. During the execution of these heavy queries, the cluster usually has high CPU utilization. For some other users, they may see the cluster not responding to their queries. Or they may see error messages popping up on Kibana about shard failures. This post is also published on Steemit.

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Root-causing the random failures in the integration tests with ElasticSearch

In our recent development we were creating an integration test framework and some tests for manipulating data in the ElasticSearch cluster. Strangely the tests could succeed or fail randomly, even though we never made any changes to the code on the business logic at that time.

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